A Paper Armoury 1997 - 1998

This series responds to the South African schooling system that provides information over a 12-year period to pupils who enter into a community of unemployment. The work plays with clichés and dictums: “knowledge is power”, “wisdom comes with age”, “arm yourself with knowledge” and uses Medieval weaponry as an analogy for an antiquated educational system – the fallen warrior. Images are constructed from fabric, wire and redundant South African school text books, which are stained, torn, waxed and stitched, causing the written texts to become a confused labyrinth. The act of stitching becomes a symbolic act of healing and repair, yet the paper armour is permeable, providing little protection. The objects are framed within museum-type cases, presenting them as impotent artefacts. Formally the works allude to African shields whilst deriving their design from medieval sources. . The project makes reference to museum display and the nature and history of books.

Group exhibitions:

  • CON/TEXT. Axis Gallery. New York. 2002.
  • I.D./OLOGY. Axis Gallery. New York. 2002.
  • Reconstitution. Standard Bank National Arts’ Festival. Grahamstown . 2001.
  • Project Conflux. Luxembourg & Dijon., AVA. Cape Town & Pretoria 1999.
  • Postcards from South Africa. Axis Gallery. New York. 1999. Anima(l). Bellville Association of Art. Cape Town. 1999.
  • Exhibition of South African Women Artists. Sasol Museum. Stellenbosch.1998
  • Volkskas Atelier finals. Bloemfontein. 1998
  • Icon Exhibition. Worcester Association of Art. 1998
  • Staff Exhibition. Dorp St. Gallery. Stellenbosch. 1998