SUBTLE THRESHOLDS – a recuration (2012)

The A.R.T Show, an exhibition on post-treatment access and AIDS issues as represented in contemporary visual art was curated by Carol Brown and David Gere (UCLA). The work, designed to fit the drawers of a custom-made cabinet of curiosities, was a micro version of
The drawers contained residue and small versions of the exhibition including: circular discs in ‘sterile’ and ‘contaminated’ states with images derived from pharmaceutical labware, parasitic and bacterial disease forms, and images of hell and purgatory by Dürer, Signorelli, Bosch, Doré and Breughel; representations, in pharmacological labware, of viruses known to cause disease; chalk texts quoting personal, mythical and philosophical readings of the diseased body; index cards of myths relating to animals and disease; winged ‘healing hands’ derived from 512 images of healers; a suggestion of a ‘plague altar’; lists of microbes; electron microscope images of animal faeces; and a concordance of disease.

NSA Gallery, Durban, Michaelis Gallery, Cape Town, Museum Africa, Jhb, Smithsonian, Washington. 2012.